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Well Pumps

Basic overview

Warren & Sons specializes in well pumps as well. If your water is supplied by a well then you have a well pump. A deep well has a submersible pump and a shallow well has a above ground jet pump with a foot valve. Pumps do go out eventually over time or excessive use, but the most common reason for a well pump going bad besides age is a faulty pressure tank or pressure switch. The pressure tank and switch are the heart and soul for the well pump. The pressure tank stores water and pressure while the pressure switch tells the pump when to activate. Most common switches are 40/60 which means the the pump turns off when the pressure tank reaches 60psi. And once the pressure reduces to 40 or below the pressure switch tells the pump to turn back on to build pressure which is why the pressure switch and tank are the heart and soul to the pump. Whether you want your system serviced or need a new system installed Warren & Sons Plumbing has you covered!

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Well Pumps Well Pumps